From the recording Here Comes Trouble


When I was a girl I had a crush on the neighbor boy, and he liked me
I brought him a homemade apple pie and we ate it under the cherry tree
We held hands and I wrote him letters
He pinned a flower on my sweater
Then one day, he kissed me and the lights went on!

Men are for kissin, men are for kissin, men are for kissin
And Eve got it right when she took a bite

When I was a headstrong teenage girl I had a real boyfriend
We sat in his car at the drive-in and kissed again and again
Summer nights we pressed together
He put his hands under my sweater
When mama found out I said, "I figured it out!"
Men are for kissin'....

I told Mama that a woman's life is not complete without a little sweet sweet lovin
So come on you women, get on with some livin, kiss-kiss-kissin' up some men A-kiss-kiss-kissin' up some men...