1. Stuck on You

From the recording Here Comes Trouble


girl: Your hands are large and clumsy, like a bull in a china shop
But they're as graceful as a swan when you hold me, oh
boy: And you say alot when you're not talking at all
So you don't need to use your mouth except to kiss me, oh
girl: Can't walk a straight line
boy: I'm so glad you're mine
girl: Feel drunk all the time
boy: You are the finest wine
I'm a bee to your honey baby, I am stuck on you, la-la-la

boy: Your teeth, oh how they sparkle
You're lit up like a Christmas tree
And I'm all giddy and discombobled because you love me, oh
girl: We dance and then you stumble, and off we bumble like keystone cops
Then just in time I am delighted when you catch me, oh
I've two left feet
boy: What lovely feet they are
girl: Cuz you're so sweet
boy: My little candy bar
I'm a bee to your honey baby, I am stuck (like glue) on you, La-la-la
I am stuck on you!