From the recording Here Comes Trouble


When I gaze into your eyes
A spark of sweetness lights me up inside
And when we kiss, that glimmer-glow Illuminates, ignites my soul

Tender the lightning between us
Melting me down, melting you down

Gentle comes surrounding rain
Drops are dancing on the windowpane
Electric blue, the lightning falls
And harmonizing, the thunder calls

Tender the lighting between us
Melting me down, melting you down
We grow the flame that unites us
Peaceful and warm, a home in the storm

The river carries me softly on
Your arms encircle me, time has gone
We travel light and shade under weeping trees
Two hearts that give surrender to the unknown sea

Molten gold, we merge as one
And in the melding what will we become
What's been undone will re-forge anew
The light of fire, the strength of truth

Tender the lightning between us...