1. Wolverina

From the recording Here Comes Trouble


Grandaddy told me a story that gave me nightmarish dreams
About a young woman, the love of his life
Some girls are not what they seem...

I met her in the deep woods of summer
Frightened and dirty with not a stitch on
Pale and shy and so lovely
She said, my name is Wolverina

Well at once I knew that I was smitten
I'd never felt such devotion before
Took her on home to my cabin to love
We declared ourselves there on the floor

I love my wolverine woman
Soft as a kitten, sweet as a child
Fierce as a grizzly and equally wild
An angel by day and a demon by night
Oh man how she turned me on
Oh Wolverina where've ya gone?

She said, Darlin, I must tell you first
That I come with a tragical curse
Now it's falling dark fast, so our sweet love can last
When I go, promise you'll bolt the door

Curiosity drove me to find her
Blood on her claws in full demon form
Gleaming white fangs, her victim all torn
She saw me standing in fright
I lost Wolverina that night

In the darkness sometimes she'll be calling
Out in the deep woods under the moon
I unbolt the door every morning
Hoping that she'll be home soon
Oh Wolverina, I don't care that you kill
I love you still, where've ya gone?

I love my wolverine woman...